11+ Benefits of Hiking (‘Walking With Attitude’)

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Naches Peak Loop Trail, Mount Rainier National Park

As far as exercise goes, walking is one of the healthiest and the safest activities around. No specializing training, expensive gear or fancy equipment needed. It’s also easier on your body, with less stress on your joints, than many other forms of exercise. Just find a method and destination that’s comfortable for you, grab a sturdy pair of shoes, and go. Some benefits* of walking include:

  1. Reducing appetite
  2. Burning nearly as many calories as jogging
  3. Lowering blood pressure
  4. Reducing bad cholesterol levels
  5. Reducing risk of heart attack
  6. Decreasing tension and anxiety
  7. Improving muscle tone
  8. Easy on your joints
  9. Increasing aerobic capacity
  10. Enhancing stamina and energy
  11. Slowing down osteoporosis bone loss

Walking can also be done in brief period of time and while traveling.

With all these benefits, walking is a natural. So is hiking. Hiking offers all the health and other benefits associated with walking. Think of hiking as walking with attitude. In the Great Outdoors.

In our next post we’ll look at 13 Pacific Northwest trail options to get you started.

Stay tuned and happy trails!








*Adapted from the Sportline’s Guide to Walking