21 Scrooge-Worthy Christmas Gifts Your Hiker Will Love (sort of)

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Making your list and checking and twice? Stumped on what to get the hiker you know and love?

Forget ordering the uber chic hiking gear or shelling out major bucks for the latest hiking techno gadgetry. Here are 21 handy Christmas gift ideas for your hard-to-shop-for hiker. All are under $10, so even Scrooge would approve:

  1. Fabric softener sheets. Did you know these little jobbies are dual purpose? They not only get your laundry smelling fresher than fresh, they can also do yeomen’s duty as mosquito repellant. Pick up a box of Bounce fabric softener sheets for under $5.00.
  2. A jar of Vicks VapoRub. If you think fabric softeners work well in making a mosquito think twice before taking a bite out of you, try applying some of this mentholated topical ointment. Possible side effects include warding off humans, too. A jar of 1.76 oz. for $8.
  3. A bar of soap. See #2, above. Two 5-oz. bars of Dial advanced deodorant soap for the low, low bargain basement price of just $9.65.
  4. Lip balm. Because nothing says “I love you” like a tube of chapstick. In original, cherry, strawberry or spearmint!
  5. Batteries. “What’d we do with the batteries?” is something you do not want to hear at 0300 in a pitch-dark tent. Trust me on this one. Get a Maxell Alkaline Battery AA Cell 48-Pack for $8.63.
  6. Toilet paper. Don’t make me explain this.
  7. A box of band-aids. $1.59 gets you a basic 12-item first aid kit. In a plastic case. You can thank me later.
  8. A whistle. If lost, you can blow a whistle a lot louder and longer than you can yell. You can shell out more moola for a fancy survival whistle, but your basic metal whistle is less than a dollar.
  9. Slim jim meat sticks. A great portable trail snack, these babies are packed with enough preservatives to survive into the next decade. Get a package of 14 individually wrapped snacks for just $6.34.
  10. An empty plastic camera film canister + lid. Perfect for storing matches and keeping them waterproof. Bonus points if you remember what “film” is.
  11. A national parks paper map. You don’t have to spend a dime on this one. Pick one up for free at the entrance to your favorite national park. For extra brownie points, visit several national parks and pass on your gently used editions to that special hiker on your list.
  12. Water bottle carrier – under $6.00 at Walmart.
  13. Water bottle. Forget shelling out lotsa dough for those fancy high-end jobbies. You don’t have to spend anything on this item if it’s “recycled.” Just empty a plastic bottle of your favorite beverage, run it through the dishwasher with the lid. Fill it with tap water and crown it with a big red bow. Bonus points if you add flavoring.
  14. Sun screen. Try Aveeno, SPF 50 face sunscreen. $6.99.
  15. Safety pins. Pick up a “value pack” of 225 singer safety pins for $4.99. You never know how valuable these things can be until you need one and don’t have it.
  16. Advil. When the joys of achy joints hit, reach for your handy-dandy bottle of this pain reliever. Ten coated tablets for $3.29.
  17. Tweezers. Just two words here: bee sting. Under $4.00. (The tweezers, not the bees.)
  18. A ground tarp. Grab a 6 x 8 Sigman heavy duty brown tarp similar to the one featured, at Wal-Mart for $8.58. If you’re hiking and camping and need me to explain this, you shouldn’t be hiking. Or camping.
  19. Duct tape. Fix just about anything and patch up the world with a roll of this baby. Sixty yards for under $10.00.
  20. Aluminum foil. For when you forget the paper plates for the burgers or baked beans. Don’t ask how I know that. 150 sq. ft. roll for $7.67.
  21. Aluminum tent stakes. See #18, above. About $5.00 for a package of four, depending on the brand.

What would you add? Bah, humbug!

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