A Hiker’s ‘Light Bulb’ Moment & How YOU Can Help

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If you’re a regular Hiker Babe reader – or even a casual one – you know that my blog focuses on… hiking. Camping. Exploring and enjoying the Great Outdoors. Especially in the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve been trying to convince you to dive in to or continue what I love: Hiking. Exploring the back country. Breathing in huge chunks of conifer-crisped air. Watching the sun set from 7,000 feet. Hitting hiking with both feet and a coupla sturdy trekking poles. (If you missed that, see: 11 Benefits of Hiking (“Walking With Attitude.”)

I’ve been telling you about these topics for awhile. A few have engaged. Most haven’t.

Then I realized that not everyone gets itchy feet as soon as the trails melt out. Considers an alpine meadow marinaded in wildflowers a must-see. Or enjoys scrambling up a shale-strewn trail To. The. Top.

Call it a “light bulb” moment:

Not everyone’s a hiker. Or likes to hike.

Know what? That’s okay.

For some, the mere notion of striding into the back country under achingly blue skies is enough to make them jump up and run screaming from the room.

Or hiking isn’t an option due to physical limitations or mobility issues.

Maybe you’re an “armchair hiker.” You’d rather “look in” on someone else’s hikes and share their adventures vicariously.

That’s okay again.

Rather than trying to convince you to share my outdoor passion, how ’bout you fill me in on yours?

Maybe it’s fly fishing. Off-roading. Skiing. Birding. Photography. RVing.

Read any naturalist memoirs or outdoor books lately? Found an excellent trail guide?

Have the kids or grandkids visited a national park, wildlife reserve, trail, or beach that struck a responsive chord? Can you tell us about it?

What other topics would you like to see here?

What’s your favorite outdoor destination and why? Is there a lake where the fish are always biting? What about a scenic road trip? A trail the kids will love? How about a favorite campground, B&B, lodge, or inn? Have you visited a park, campground, forest or lake that was a real dud?

I’m especially interested in your recommendations related to your outdoor adventures.

Here’s your chance to chime in. Leave a comment or contact me at: 1hikerbabe@gmail.com

One other thing. While we’re on the subject of “getting it right,” I’m always on the look out for guest posts. You don’t have to be a professional writer. Just send in your story of 250 – 500 words with at least one photo. It can be serious, laugh-out-loud, inspirational, or a how-to. Include a bio of up to 100 words and a photo of yourself.

If your article is accepted, I’ll include provide a link back to your site.

Who’s game?