Awesome Azure Lake, Thy Name is ‘Crescent’!

Hugging the northern foothills of Washington’s rugged Olympic Mountains, Lake Crescent is saturated in rugged Northwest beauty. Trails in this area, about 20 miles west of Port Angeles, lead to some fine day hiking and eye-popping vistas. Three top hikes out of Lake Crescent are, in no particular order, Pyramid Peak, Storm King, and the Spruce Railroad Trail.

South shore of Lake Crescent.

Crystal-clear Lake Crescent plummets to some 624 feet in depth. You can see it from atop some splendid peaks if you’re willing to do the leg work. Three top hikes in the area are, in no particular order, Pyramid Peak, Storm King, and the Spruce Railroad Trail.

A gentle walk along an old abandoned railroad track, the Spruce Railroad Trail is about four miles one-way. It’s part of the 134-mile-long Olympic Discovery Trail. The Spruce Railroad Trail follows the former Port Angeles Western Railroad grade and skirts the crystal-clear waters of Lake Crescent.

Ready? Set? Go!

The Pyramid Peak hike is, well. Let’s just call it an “adventure.”

Perched on the southern hip of crystalline Lake Crescent, the hike is about seven miles round-trip. It offers peek-a-boo views of the lake as well as “big views” to the north and the interior of the Olympics. For more, see How a World-Class Acrophobe Survived Pyramid Peak (sort of).

A short (2.2 miles, one way), steeeeep hike that switchbacks up Mount Storm King to a jaw-dropping view of Lake Crescent, the Storm King trail isn’t for the faint-hearted or the weak-kneed. But if you’re ready for a challenge, this hike delivers in spades. The elevation gain is about 1,000 feet per mile. So prepare to perspire.

Made it! Lake Crescent from atop Storm King. A short steep, hike. But so worth it!