An ‘Olympic’ November to Remember

“So, what do you want to do for your birthday?” Chris asked. “Anything special for the big 5-9?” “How ’bout we day hike around Lake Quinault?” I chirped. It sounded like a good idea at the time. That’s the thing … Continued

Mount Rainier’s Most Spectacular Season

We got started a little late. But the Mountain waited for us to catch up, fluttering her fall frocks in all their rich autumnal glory. Old Iron Knees and I hike Mount Rainier National Park whenever we can, year-round. But … Continued

Mount Rainier’s “Toughest Trail” Offers 360′ of AWESOME!

The Shriner Peak Lookout Trail at Mount Rainier National Park is as unforgettable as it is rigorous. Dubbed “the toughest trail in the park” by park rangers, you’d better be in decent shape before tackling this steep, switchbacking out-and-back trail … Continued

10 Bucket-List Worthy PNW Hikes for Creaky Knees

What’s a “creaky knees hike”? Well, a creaky knees hike is not the trail equivalent of lacing up your boots for a mad dash to the Lazy Boy to pump 12 ounce curls of Pepsi. You don’t need to be … Continued

Discover Fantastic Falls, Pristine Parks of Lewis County, WA

Mount Rainier so dominates Northwest geography that worthy nearby locales are easily overlooked. But when summer throngs clog the Queen of the Cascades, solitude and serenity can be found just a few miles south of the great Mountain along the … Continued