15 Great PNW Trails To Get Your Heart Going & Your Mind Slowing

Walking is a natural activity with many health and mental benefits. So is hiking. Hiking offers all the health and other benefits associated with walking. Think of hiking as walking with attitude. In the Great Outdoors. Here are 15 Pacific … Continued

10 Bucket-List Worthy PNW Hikes for Creaky Knees

What’s a “creaky knees hike”? Well, a creaky knees hike is not the trail equivalent of lacing up your boots for a mad dash to the Lazy Boy to pump 12 ounce curls of Pepsi. You don’t need to be … Continued

Mount Hood Scenic Byway Offers Classic Bite of Pacific Northwest

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  Oregon’s Mount Hood Scenic Loop is one of the most beautiful byways in the Pacific Northwest. This classic, meandering drive offers a little bite of everything Pacific Northwest-ish: Skyscraping evergreens. Lush green forests. Pristine mountain lakes. Funky lava formations. … Continued

5 Most Under-Rated Sights in NW Oregon That You Really Should See

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Oregon’s Multnomah Falls is a glory hog. And for good reason. But if you’re visiting Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area to take in this spectacular waterfall, don’t stop at the falls. Head over to the nearby Historic Columbia … Continued