Hiker Babe is happy to your consider your submission for possible publication on my blog. Here are my guidelines:


  • Material should be hiking-related. This can include hiking how-tos,  trip reports, family-friendly hikes, or best seasonal trails. Did you stay at a lodge, inn, or campground that was a cut above? Find a great source for backpacks, trekking poles, or boots? Discover a new trail that’s worth shouting about? Write it out and send it in for consideration.
  • Please include your name with your submission. You may use a pen name. A profile picture is appreciated but not required.
  • Please include a brief bio of 100 words or less with your submission.
  • I do not have a strict limit on word count. However, if your submission is the post equivalent of War and Peace, you’ll need to pare it down. About 750 – 800 words is the max.
  • Please re-read and proof read your submission twice. Check for spelling, grammar, and typos. I do not have time to edit most submissions.
  • Please include at least one photo with your submission.
  • This blog is G-rated. Kindly keep that in mind when submitting your material.

Hiker Babe does not pay for submissions.

I reserve the right to reject any submission at any time, for any reason.

For consideration, send your submission to: 1hikerbabe@gmail.com